Bethany and Yannis got married on what must have been one of the windiest days I have ever known on Paros.  And with the church for their Greek orthodox wedding ceremony being right on the entrance to the port of Paros, they were fairly exposed to the elements. However Agios Fokas is one of my favourite churches on the island – away from the hustle and bustle of Parikia and in the heart of rustic nature, surrounded by the Aegean sea on both sides. It is also quite unique that there is a beach on one side, and steep cliffs diving into the sea on the other. From the cliffs you also look out over the famous Portes of Paros (gates of Paros) and the stunning Greece sunset.

Before I headed out to the church, I made a quick stop at the villa where Bethany was getting ready, and it really struck me how relax she was. As she had her make-up finished I spent some time taking photos of her stunning wedding dress, and I got to meet little Fred. From here I left for the church where I got to meet the guests as they started arriving and waiting for the bride to make her appearance by boat, while Yannis was mingling with family and friends. Then we finally saw Bethany’s boat making it’s way from across the bay through the choppy waters. It moored at the jetty near the beach, and as the bride made her way up to the church, family and friends gathered around to welcome her whilst her friend Helen sang a special song. The ceremony itself was a traditional Greek ceremony, observing all the rituals and symbolism.

After the ceremony guests were treated to some refreshments at the church whilst I spent a few minutes with the newlywed couple for some photographs. Then everybody was transported by boat to Arodo Beach Bar on Krios beach for the evening reception. The beach bar is on a cement platform in the water with breathtaking views over the port and a little bit sheltered from the wind. It was beautifully decorated with simple, yet elegant, flowers and little blue paper boats, and invoked the images you would expect from a wedding in Greece. After the meal and some speeches, the bride and groom cut the cake and then took to the dancefloor for their first dance. This quickly turned to traditional Greek dancing, with big smiles and clapping all around.

From a personal point of view I really enjoyed photographing their big day, and also privileged to have been photographing the baptism of their son a few days later. I truly love my job and I am very fortunate to be a wedding photographer on Paros!

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