It is not often you get to celebrate your marriage with two wedding ceremonies on two different Greek Islands – but that is exactly what Irina & Francesco did. Not only was it an opportunity to celebrate with two ceremonies, but also a chance for the bride to wear two wedding dresses! Basing themselves on beautiful Antiparos, their wedding weekend started with a civil wedding ceremony at the Parikia Town Hall on the neighbouring island of Paros. Although sweet and short as post civil ceremonies are, these guys made the most of it by celebrating with friends and family all day with a long lunch. Irina wore a beautiful mermaid style dress with hints of blue in the “tail” of the dress. She looked absolutely stunning.

The following day we all met for their Antiparos wedding at the villa where they were staying and having the reception for the Orthodox ceremony. Although living in Italy, due to Irina’s Moldovian heritage they were allowed to marry in a traditional orthodox ceremony. And what a location they have chosen! Having never been to Agios Georgios, the location of this little gem of a church absolutely blew me away! Right on the water’s edge, waves lapping against the rocks and a beautiful sunset as a backdrop. The reception was hosted back at the villa around the swimming pool, and as with every good party – by the time we have said our goodbyes in the early hours of the morning, everybody was in the pool having a whale of a time!

Preparation Venue: Villa Gatos
Ceremony Venue: Agios Georgios
Reception Venue: Villa Gatos
Hair Styling: Maria B.
Makeup Artist: Pelagia Papadaki
Caterer: Aliprantis Catering
Florist: Dianthos
Wedding Dress:  Cosmobella
Groom’s Outfit:  Sartoria Rossi

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