It was back in November that I was fortunate enough to have been booked by Jenny and Harris for their London wedding this June. When we were chatting about dates for their pre-wedding shoot we decided to wait for spring in an attempt to avoid the cold and wet winter. Well, the weather gods had other plans…

Early on a Sunday morning in the rain, Battersea Park was fairly quiet apart from a few diehard fitness fanatics. We met at the impressive Pagoda on the river which created a lovely backdrop for our first set of photos with its lovely curves and imposing size. From there we just went for a wonder, taking a few pictures amongst the vibrant spring greenery and catching up on their wedding plans. We ended their Battersea Park pre-wedding session with a few dramatic off-camera flash shots.

Jenny, Harris – thanks for putting up with the cold and wet weather, and making for a fun morning.┬áReally excited to capture your special day in two weeks’ time!

Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0002 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0003 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0004 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0005 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0006 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0007 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0008 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0009 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0010 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0011 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0012 Battersea-Park-Pre-Wedding-Shoot_0013