“… and we are getting married in Italy”. These are words that is like a dream come true for me as a wedding photographer. In fact, I think for most photographers being given the opportunity to photograph a destination wedding is a magical moment. Personally, I absolutely love my job photographing weddings and I am addicted to travelling so combining the two is a match made in heaven! From the moment Gerry and Richard asked me to photograph their wedding, I embarked on the journey with them. From their venue scouting trip, hearing about the surprise of the wedding car, to seeing a sneak peak of Gerry’s dress, I felt so connected with them that in the run up to the wedding I was properly counting down the days with them. And as far as a wedding in Italy goes, you could not possibly ask for much more – a castle in Tuscany just outside of Florence (which is probably one of the most romantic cities in the world), a red Ferrari as the wedding car, warm Mediterranean weather and tasty Italian food. There was another sentimental connection which made this wedding extra special for me – my journey to becoming a wedding photographer started in Florence with very close friends’ wedding a number of years ago.

When I arrived at Villa Fiesole where the wedding party was getting ready, I was greeted with big smiles from everybody, but none as big and happy as the bride herself. And that picture of her broad smile perfectly sums up the day – not even a thunderstorm could put a damper on this wedding! I don’t think I have ever come across a bride that was so extremely excited to get into her dress like Gerry. And what an emotional moment it was when she got into the dress with her mum and sisters in the room.

Whilst we all made our way to the beautiful and romantic little church of San Martino a Maiano, the heavens above Florence opened up in a summer’s thunderstorm. It was with this sound of heavy rain in the background that Gerry walked down the isle, and her and Richard got pronounced husband and wife. As the rain cleared friends and family congratulated the happy couple before they sped off on a little joyride in their red authentically Italian Ferrari. In the meantime all the guests started making their way to the castle for the reception.

A venue like no other and a photographer’s paradise, that is all I need to say about the castle. Having a Castello di Vingligiata wedding, you and your guests will be treated to breathtaking views of Florence at the bottom of the hill. As the wedding guests arrived and explored the castle, the roar from the Ferrari announced the arrival of the bride and groom and the start of festivities. Whilst the guests were enjoying drinks in the courtyard, close family were invited to a room inside the castle for a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. A first experience for me of such a ceremony, and I have to admit it was very special. Dinner was served in the beautifully lit marquee, due to the rainy weather messing with the original plans a little. Dressed up in the bright orange themed details, it looked beautiful. Following a multi-course meal, Italian style, we moved back to the courtyard for the cutting of the cake and the first dance. And this is where the party continued until things wrapped up in the early hours of the morning.

An incredible experience and privilege to have been part of Gerry and Richard’s day, getting to know their friends and family. It was truly special, especially the way we were included in the wedding. I also have to give a big shout out to Raffaella from Wedinitaly – the hard work of her and her team made my job so easy, and their attention to detail gave the bride and groom the wedding day the dreamed of. It was great working with you guys, and hopefully we can do so again in the near future.

OK – this post is now much longer than I planned, so let’s go straight to the photos. Browse and enjoy!

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