You might remember Haylie and Jake from their pre-Christmas wedding shoot on London’s Southbank. Back then in December, I got really excited about their wedding, and I could not wait to see all the handmade details. Knowing Haylie’s family, after having shot her sister’s wedding the summer before, I knew it was going to be something spectacular. Haylie’s mum made the bouquets and Haylie made all the centre pieces by hand herself, with each piece containing around 400 individually handmade flowers!! That and the fact that they had my favourite colours – blue and yellow – as a theme, meant it was something spectacular!

I met up with Haylie at Fennes where she was getting ready with her parents and sister. After the bride was in her stunning dress I left for church to meet up with Jake and his best-man, who were both rocking über cool tweed suits. As Jake nervously waited at the front of the church, Haylie arrived with her dad and sister, sharing a few jokes and hugs before she walked down the aisle. The ceremony was held a St Peter’s in Coggeshall and The Revend Chris Davey oversaw the service and pronounced them husband and wife.

Following the service it was back to Fennes for both the drinks and main receptions. The gorgeous Georgian manor house and surrounding grounds make Fennes wedding photography an absolute dream. Throw into the mix a bride and groom that are easy to photograph and happy to try anything, and you have a winning combination. For a February wedding we were very lucky that the weather held out, and even gave us a stunning sunset. Although it was a bit chilly outside during the couple portraits, we had a great time with plenty a joke floating about.

The reception was hosted in the marque at the back of the manor, with lots of thoughtful details. One of my favourite ideas were a wine rack with six empty wine bottles, each labeled for a different anniversary, where guests could leave “messages in a bottle” for the couple to open on the given anniversary. When it was time to do the speeches, Haylie’s dad pulled out a whole scroll on which he penned his touching speech – just as he did with Rowena’s wedding. Jake on the other hand, amused the guests with his impersonation of Haylie’s run… The rest of the evening was celebrated on the dance floor until it was time to retire to bed in the early morning.

Honestly an incredibly fun day! Jake and Haylie – I wish you all the best for the years to come! I am also very proud that Haylie’s portrait on the staircase at Fennes achieved a bronze award with The Guild of Photographers – see the blog post here. Enjoy the photos!


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