On a day jam packed with events across the UK, Ella and Gareth celebrated their Grove House wedding. Never mind the Grand National, the wedding of tennis star Andy Murray or the famous boat races – this day belonged to Ella and Gareth.

When I first met them during their pre-wedding shoot it was really easy to see how smitten they are with each other. Want to know how they met? Well they both share a fairly unique characteristic – they are both deaf in one ear. It was thís common special trait that led a friend to play matchmaker… and the rest (as they say) is history!

Once the guests filled St Mary’s church in Battersea, the bride and her father arrived in a beautiful blue Beaumont. Following the traditional church ceremony, all the guests were taken to the reception venue in an old school Routemaster bus, and I had the opportunity to make the journey with them (I think my first ever time in one of these iconic London busses). Arriving at Grove House there was lots of laughter and smiles, as congratulations for the bride and groom were a plenty.

Before sitting down for dinner in the main room guests were treated to a drinks reception on the patio with gorgeous views over the gardens, whilst a string quartet provided the background music. Following a delicious dinner it was time for the speeches, followed by the cutting of the cake and first dance. The latter being some of my favourite photos from the day. But rather than me keeping you busy reading this, why don’t you have a look at the photos and decide for yourself. Enjoy!

Grove-House-Wedding_0002 Grove-House-Wedding_0003 Grove-House-Wedding_0004 Grove-House-Wedding_0005 Grove-House-Wedding_0006 Grove-House-Wedding_0007 Grove-House-Wedding_0008 Grove-House-Wedding_0009 Grove-House-Wedding_0010 Grove-House-Wedding_0011 Grove-House-Wedding_0012 Grove-House-Wedding_0013 Grove-House-Wedding_0014 Grove-House-Wedding_0015 Grove-House-Wedding_0016 Grove-House-Wedding_0017 Grove-House-Wedding_0018 Grove-House-Wedding_0019 Grove-House-Wedding_0020 Grove-House-Wedding_0021 Grove-House-Wedding_0022 Grove-House-Wedding_0023 Grove-House-Wedding_0024 Grove-House-Wedding_0025 Grove-House-Wedding_0026 Grove-House-Wedding_0027 Grove-House-Wedding_0028 Grove-House-Wedding_0029 Grove-House-Wedding_0030 Grove-House-Wedding_0031 Grove-House-Wedding_0032 Grove-House-Wedding_0033 Grove-House-Wedding_0034 Grove-House-Wedding_0035 Grove-House-Wedding_0036 Grove-House-Wedding_0037 Grove-House-Wedding_0038 Grove-House-Wedding_0039 Grove-House-Wedding_0040 Grove-House-Wedding_0041 Grove-House-Wedding_0043 Grove-House-Wedding_0044