On the edge of the cliffs in Agia Irini, sits a villa with fantastic views over the Aegean towards Antiparos. Modern, but quintessentially Greek with white buildings against blue skies. Add in the magic from Panagiotis and his team from The Twelve Events and you have a fairytale come to life. That is exactly what Kletjana & Giovanni’s wedding was like – a fairytale.

First arriving at the villa, I fully understood why they have chosen it as their venue. Great architecture with clean lines and phenomenal views. The villa was a hive of activity as people were setting up and preparing all the decoration details. Candles lined the edge of the pool, staircases and walls – ready and waiting for the sun to go down. Inside, things were calm and collected as we were greeted by warm smiles from the bride and groom. As they slowly started getting ready we were chatting and laughing, and making full use of our surroundings to document the details. After they were dressed and ready, we did their couple shoot around the villa before we headed into Parikia for the ceremony.

St Anthony is located in the alleyways of the town, but hidden a little bit with a non-descript door leading you down a little path into the little courtyard and finally into the church. The courtyard was beautifully dressed up with a refreshment table for the guests – trays of fresh grapes, jars of cool drinks and cute little bottles to use as glasses. As the guests took their seats inside, Kletjana came down the little path with her dad – the groom eagerly awaiting her at the alter. This was my second Italian Catholic wedding for the weekend, with Father George again leading proceedings.

Leaving the couple and their guests at the church to enjoy the refreshments, Nick and I rushed back to the villa to photograph the setup at twilight – making the most of the ambiance created by the candles. Just looking at the photos I am sure you would agree with me that it looked magical! The warm tones of the lights beautifully contrasted by the deep blue of the sky with the mirrored table top doubling up on the atmosphere created. The sweet station with its intricate glass jars and cake stands was just as impressive (and making my sweet tooth crave all the goodies inside). Shortly after the guests arrived at the venue, the couple made their entrance and they all took their seats at the table to enjoy the wonderful meal. After dinner it was time for the cake cutting, and for the couple to open the dance floor. And this is when the party started. With tune after tune filling the air, pretty much every single wedding guest was showing off their best moves next to the pool. There was no doubt that they were all thoroughly enjoying themselves, given all the big smiles and laughter.

As always, enjoy browsing through the photos and I hope you can experience some of the magic of the day through them.

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: The Twelve Events
Ceremony: Catholic Church, Parikia
Reception: The Edge
Hair Stylist: Maria B
Caterer: Aliprantis Catering

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