With an incredible passion for traveling the world, it is no surprise that Berry and Ben decided on a destination wedding when they got engaged. Berry actually purposefully never visited Greece before, as she knew she wanted to get married in Santorini so she saved the trip for her big day. These guys met ten years ago at university where they studied in Seattle. Berry originally from China and Ben from Taiwan. They have since moved and now live in New York City, but with their wanderlust hearts they get out of the city as often as they can. When we were driving with them in the car between Fira and Oia, Berry’s bucket list of places to visit and her enthusiasm for exploring the world was so infectious that I was very tempted to book an adventure trip somewhere.

Kamares Apartments sits on the edge of Thira, far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the town and with spectacular views of the Caldera. It was here where they decided to celebrate their wedding with a select few family and friends, with the iconic view as their backdrop. With a close friend conducting the ceremony, it was very personal and Berry’s vows to Ben were quite emotional. Even though I have not know them for very long, it was clear to see that these two belong together. Following the ceremony they sat down for a lovely dinner and drinks together, and from what I hear the party continued afterwards in town 🙂

The following morning we woke up to a very foggy Santorini, as we were setting out on a post-wedding couple shoot. We started off in Thira with the fog hiding some of the dramatic cliffs, however by the time we reached Oia it mostly burnt off and we were left with sunny blue skies. The perfect contrast to the white-washed buildings you so often see on postcards. Enjoy their photos!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Stella & Moscha
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Kamares Apartments
Wedding Dress: Alexandra Grecco
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Groom’s Suit: Saks Fifth
Videographer: WedFilms
Hair Stylist: Bella Damigou
Makeup Artist: Renia Bledaki
Florist: Santorini’s Flowers
Caterer: Spicy Bites

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