In the southeastern corner of Greece you will find the island of Karpathos, part of the Dodecanese island group. As far as Greek islands go, it is not the most obvious choice for a destination wedding, compared to the likes of Santorini and Skiathos. But with its rugged nature, steep mountains, turquoise waters and the fact that it is a bit off the beaten track, it is very easy to understand why Sharon and Richard decided to get married here.

Travelling from the Netherlands they spent two weeks with their very close family and friends on the island, celebrating their wedding. For the day itself they asked their guests to dress in pastel colours, which complemented the architecture of the island incredibly well, and also played off nicely against the light blue sky. It made for some amazing photos – I absolutely love a colourful wedding!

The morning of the wedding kicked off bright and early with the bride and groom getting ready at their hotel. From there it is only a short walk down to the church in Amoopi Bay where their civil ceremony took place – with the Mayor of Karpathos conducting the ceremony and Brigitte (from De Griekse Bruiloft) acting as translator. The church is located on a little outcrop on the bay with breathtaking views over the Aegean sea. Once they were officially Mr & Mrs, everybody went next door to Skala bar for the cake cutting and celebratory drinks before crossing over to Arkassa on the west coast for lunch.

After a delicious Greek meal, the guests all went back to the hotel for a cool down in the pool while we whisked the couple away for some photos. Having done an extensive location scout the day before, I knew I really wanted to give them images that really show off the fishing harbours and the bright vibrant colours of the villages. So we split our time between Finiki, Menetes and Kastelia Bay. Judge for yourself below, but I think they made for some incredible backdrops, whilst capturing the happiness of Sharon and Richard.

In the evening all the guests – and as a real spoil for us too – were treated to an absolutely incredible meal at Poseidon Restaurant. The kitchen serves modern Greek food with an international twist – and it is absolutely phenomenal! I cannot stress enough, that if you visit the island – make sure you go and have a meal here! After dinner we all headed back to Skala Bar where everybody enjoyed their amazing drinks and took part in some dancing, before calling it a night and heading to bed after such a great day.

For me and Nick it has been incredibly special to meet Sharon and Richard and also their family and friends. It made it even more special when they came to wave us off at the port when we departed for Santorini. We feel very touched to have shared so closely with you in your wedding celebrations, and also fortunate for our paths to have crossed. I truly hope these images capture the feeling of the day, and the character of the island – to always remind you of the day you said your vows. Enjoy!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: De Griekse Bruiloft
Preparation Venue: Amoopi Bay Hotel
Ceremony: Amoopi Bay Church
Drinks Receptions: Skala Bar
Lunch Reception: Taka Taka Mam
Dinner Reception: Poseidon Restaurant

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