Choosing a Greek island for their destination wedding was not very hard for Roberta & Francesco. Having named their dog “Paros” kind of gives away which island is their favourite… and mind you, Paros was a VIP guest at the wedding too! Travelling from Italy, these two (well, three) jetsetters came to the island to spend a few days with family and friends celebrating their marriage. We joined them at Villa Irini where they were getting dressed and ready for the big day – seeking out the cool safety of the air-conditioning to escape the heat of the very hot day. The preparations were very calm and relaxed, with lots of smiles and jokes going around. Once the bride and groom were dressed and ready to go, it was time to head down to the Catholic church in Naousa for the ceremony. Following that the guests were taken by boat to the other side of the bay for the reception, whilst we spent some time taking photos with the bride and groom. It was really amazing to spend the time with them as they were so happy, laughing and willing to give everything a go that I suggested – I think it reflects well in the photos. Rejoining the rest of the guests at one of my favourite tavernas on the island, the evening kicked off with dinner and live music until the dance floor was filled with kicking legs, dancing dogs and rounds of shots. Such an amazing experience to be part of the day, and a set of photographs I am particularly fond of…

Wedding Planning & Coordination:
Preparation Venue: Villa Irini
Ceremony Venue: Saint George Catholic Church, Naousa
Reception Venue: Taverna Kolimbithres
Hair Stylist: Dimitris Hair

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