The more I photograph weddings, the more I realise how privileged a wedding photographer is. We are allowed into the most sacred and intimate moments of a wedding day. Never was I more aware of this fact, as during this wedding in Malta. But before I tell you more about that, let me introduce you to Carrie-Ann and Josh. Both of them are originally from Scotland and have been living in London the last few years. So how did they end up having their wedding in Malta you may ask? Simply – this is where they had their first holiday abroad together 🙂 And judging by the amount of people that attended their wedding, their friends and family did not need much of an excuse for a holiday and wedding in the sunshine.

It was boiling hot on the day of the wedding and very humid. It was quite a relief that the first two stops of the day were hotel rooms with air conditioning. The first stop was at Seabank Resort where Josh and his groomsmen were just chilling with some local beer whilst chatting and watching the Tour de France on tele. Very calm and relaxed with no nerves showing. We hung around for a bit chatting and taking photos before, we headed over to the Radisson Blu where the bride was getting ready. When the door opened, I don’t think we ave ever received such an warm and excited reception into a bridal preparation room. Walking into a very nice suit (a complimentary upgrade from the hotel), the champagne bottles were opened as the hairdressers arrived. With Carrie-Ann sitting under hair dryers  and curling irons, she was surrounded by lifelong friends from school – reminiscing about the old days, and the more recent days of her hen-do. Once she was ready and dressed we left the hotel to go meet Josh…

Due to timing restrictions with the ceremony and sunset, we have decided some months ago to do a “first look” photoshoot in order to do their couple portraits prior to the ceremony and reception. With a “first look” you create a private and romantic moment, to still create a special memory of the groom seeing his bride for the first time. Something that, in my personal opinion, is more personal and intimate. Josh was really keen to do the shoot at the Għajn Tuffieħa tower, on the other side of Golden Bay to where the Radisson is. As we drove the short distance between the two I can remember Carrie saying: “I just want to see Josh now”. Josh was standing in the shade of the tower with his back to the foot path. Carrie started making her way towards him from the car park, and I noticed her pace picking up the closer she got to him. When she was close enough I told Josh to turn around – without saying a word his face spoke about two thousand. And I will never forget how Carrie started running towards him until they were embracing. Emotion and feelings do not get more powerful and raw than this. I was standing there capturing these moments feeling like an intruder, but at the same time so extremely privileged to be allowed into such an intimate moment. Between me and my assistant Nick, I think we were lucky to not have any water damage to the equipment as there was no way holding back the tears behind the cameras. A moment I will never forget in my life.

Once we all have settled down, we did their couple shoot around the tower in the beautiful late afternoon light – big smiles and happiness radiating from the both of them. After we were done we returned to the hotel where Josh went down to the beach bar to greet the guests as they arrive, and Carrie went back up to her room to meet her parents and to show her grandma on Skype what she looked like in her wedding dress. Then it was time for the ceremony. Looking radiant and relaxed, she came walking down the aisle with her dad, holding her sunflower bouquet. Still a big smile on her face seeing Josh at the end of the aisle under the canopy. With readings from two of her friends, the ceremony was just as touching and moving as their meeting by the tower. Loads of congratulations, laughter, tears and glasses of champagne followed the ceremony. With all the formalities done, it was time to sit down for dinner and then for the party to kick off. A fire dancer got things going before Josh and Carrie-Ann hit the sand for their first dance. A first dance which ended with a fantastic fireworks display. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, partying and random kilt-flashing until the wee hours of the morning.

As I leave you to browse through the photos at your leisure, I end this post with a very warm feeling in my heart. Carrie-Ann and Josh – I can’t thank you enough for trusting me to capture these memories for you. And even more so for reopening my eyes as to how special my job is, and the reasons why I love it so much. Have a blast on your nearly-year-long honeymoon travelling the world, and I am excited that you decided to make a stop on Paros along the way – I will be keeping the beers on ice!

Groom Preparation Venue: Seabank Resort
Bride Preparation Venue: Radisson Blu Golden Sands
Ceremony Venue: Beach, Radisson Blu Golden Sands
Reception Venue: Pebbles Beach Bar, Radisson Blu Golden Sands
Wedding Dress: Homemade
Bridesmaids’ Dresses:
Groom & groomsmen outfits: Next

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