Mykonos Bay Hotel played host to Anja & Cédric’s wedding – bringing their friends and family together for a romantic celebration on the beach. Vibrant blue skies, a stunning sunset and beautiful, colourful stylings by Stella & Moscha complementing the traditional building style of the hotel – all coming together to create an idyllic backdrop for their love story.

From the ferry we went straight to the venue where we met the bride with her mum and sister, taking some photos in the very bright courtyard. We then headed over to the pool bar where the groom and guests were congregating and enjoying refreshments – taking shelter in the shade from the hot sun. The civil ceremony on the beach was short and sweet, but oh so emotion-filled – it was impossible to be drawn into the moment. Following the ceremony we walked around the hotel property, taking some portraits of the couple before they joined their guests for dinner and dancing. In the short time that we spent together, it was pretty easy to see how incredibly much these guys love each other, but I will leave it to the photos to tell the story of their day – enjoy!

Event Design: Stella & Moscha
Venue: Mykonos Bay Hotel

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