It was the perfect summer’s day on Paros – plenty of sunshine, warmth and just enough of breeze to keep things cool. It was also the day of Aristea & Andy’s wedding. Coming from Athens, their friends and families joined them from Greece, London and Andy’s native Cyprus. I first joined them the evening before the wedding where they had dinner at Barbarossa in the small fishing port of Naoussa – sitting outside Agios Nikolaos next to the traditional fishing boats. Having had the pleasure to meet the bride and groom prior, it was great to meet their family and friends. With great views over the venetian castle and the harbour as the sun set, guests enjoyed the top notch food and wine, whilst many laughs were shared around the table. I left them as the main course was being served, but I gathered the following day that the party continued at another local bar until the early hours of the morning…

The day of the wedding I first met up with Aristea and her mum where they were getting ready in their room at Naoussa Hills. Despite the sound of Flora’s hair dryer and some Greek soapies on the TV making noise, it was an extremely calm and relaxed atmosphere in the room. Aristea was just beaming a big smile the entire time we were there and made us feel at home. Chatting and laughing as we were taking photos, we left the bride once her makeup was done to join the groom and his family in a separate room of the hotel. With his family roots in Cyprus, his mother burnt olive leaves in a tea cup after which Andy’s mum, godmother and dad helped him to get dressed. Afterwards, as per tradition, a red scarf was tied and untied around his waist by various family members – each person tying the scarf three times to signify the groom’s fertility. As the groom and his family prepared to leave for the church, we rejoined the bride who was now in her beautiful dress. After putting on her jewelry we went outside to the balcony for a few bridal portraits before we headed over to Parikia for the ceremony.

Agios Fokas is one of my favourite churches on Paros. I love the remoteness of this little church with its location at the edge of the natural port, with its high cliffs and views to the open Aegean sea. The ceremony was a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony. A particular funny moment for me, was when the priest called me closer in the middle of the ceremony, asking me to make sure I take a picture of the couple while the Blue Star ferry went past in the distance. Although my knowledge of the Greek language is not that great, it was not difficult to understand that the priest had a good sense of humour, something made clear by the constant laughs from the couple. After the ceremony it was family portrait time, before we headed out to the cliffs for some portraits of the bride and groom.

From the ceremony everybody headed over to Nava Lounge and Restaurant for the reception. With Mimmika and her team doing a fantastic job with the decorations, a delicious meal was enjoyed in a great atmosphere. Following the main course, the bride and groom opened the dance floor, after which I don’t think it was empty again. Tune after tune from the DJ box kept everybody on the dance floor, with the traditional Greek music proving particulaly popular – especially with the kids who were not shy in taking part.

As I leave you to browse through the photos at your leisure, I would like to extend a warm-hearted thanks to Aristea and Andy for having me as part of their day. We had a great time from start to finish, and I hope the photos help you to cherish a very special day in your lives.

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: …ByMimmika
Ceremony Venue: Agios Fokas
Reception Venue: Nava Lounge & Restaurant
Hair: Flora Dragazi
Makeup: Sofia Contanidou
Flowers: Dianthos
Wedding Dress & Shoes: Monique Lhuillier
Wedding Suit: Hugo Boss

paros-naoussa-wedding_0002 paros-naoussa-wedding_0003 paros-naoussa-wedding_0004 paros-naoussa-wedding_0005 paros-naoussa-wedding_0006 paros-naoussa-wedding_0007 paros-naoussa-wedding_0008 paros-naoussa-wedding_0009 paros-naoussa-wedding_0010 paros-naoussa-wedding_0011 paros-naoussa-wedding_0012 paros-naoussa-wedding_0013 paros-naoussa-wedding_0014 paros-naoussa-wedding_0015 paros-naoussa-wedding_0016 paros-naoussa-wedding_0017 paros-naoussa-wedding_0018 paros-naoussa-wedding_0019 paros-naoussa-wedding_0020 paros-naoussa-wedding_0021 paros-naoussa-wedding_0022 paros-naoussa-wedding_0023 paros-naoussa-wedding_0024 paros-naoussa-wedding_0025 paros-naoussa-wedding_0026 paros-naoussa-wedding_0027 paros-naoussa-wedding_0028 paros-naoussa-wedding_0029 paros-naoussa-wedding_0030 paros-naoussa-wedding_0031 paros-naoussa-wedding_0032 paros-naoussa-wedding_0033 paros-naoussa-wedding_0034 paros-naoussa-wedding_0035 paros-naoussa-wedding_0036 paros-naoussa-wedding_0037 paros-naoussa-wedding_0038 paros-naoussa-wedding_0039 paros-naoussa-wedding_0040 paros-naoussa-wedding_0041 paros-naoussa-wedding_0042 paros-naoussa-wedding_0043 paros-naoussa-wedding_0044 paros-naoussa-wedding_0045 paros-naoussa-wedding_0046 paros-naoussa-wedding_0047 paros-naoussa-wedding_0048 paros-naoussa-wedding_0049 paros-naoussa-wedding_0050 paros-naoussa-wedding_0051 paros-naoussa-wedding_0052 paros-naoussa-wedding_0053 paros-naoussa-wedding_0054 paros-naoussa-wedding_0055 paros-naoussa-wedding_0056 paros-naoussa-wedding_0057 paros-naoussa-wedding_0058 paros-naoussa-wedding_0059 paros-naoussa-wedding_0060 paros-naoussa-wedding_0061 paros-naoussa-wedding_0062 paros-naoussa-wedding_0063 paros-naoussa-wedding_0064 paros-naoussa-wedding_0065

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