I have always heard that Lebanese weddings are known to be crazy, fun parties but I never experienced it for myself. That is until I met Hanine and Tony! It really was unforgettable spending the day with them. When we met at the hotel where they were getting ready, everything was very chilled and relaxed. Even the ceremony was very mellow. But the moment the bride and groom made their entrance to the restaurant, the party started. In full swing. And even after we left at 4am it was still going! There was just so much going on on the dance floor all the time, that I was even drinking water whilst having the camera in other hand taking photos – I did not dare put it down!

Hanine looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress – the first bride to wear this new design from Alvina Valenta. And I can assure you, Tony was in awe of his beautiful wife! One of my favourite memories from the day was seeing Tony’s reaction when he saw Hanine for the first time – it was priceless and put a big, warm smile on my face behind the camera.

The photos in this post are only a fraction of what really went down during the party, but I think it is enough to give you a flavour of how much fun this wedding was!

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Kallina Coordinators
Preparation Venue: Aegean Land Hotel
Ceremony Venue: Plaka Beach
Reception Venue: Yazoo Summer Bliss
DJ: Showtime DJs
Hair & Make-up: Ooh La La Salon
Wedding Cakes: Aktaion
Flowers: Anemona Flower Shop
Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta
Bridesmaids Dresses: Boggi
Grooms suit: Boggi

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