They came to Paros for their annual summer holiday on the island. But this year their holiday was a little bit different. This year Irene and George decided to get married on the island where his family has their roots. Originally from Athens, they decided to have a private civil ceremony at the Town Hall in Parikia – just the two of them and their two witnesses.

I met up with them in their house in the old town of Parikia – just above the little alleyways. Irene, already had her hair done, and was in the final stages of her make-up. As we did our thing to take candid and detail pictures, George was already dressed and ready to go, and the lovely bride got into her dress and completed her finishing touches. We made our way together to the town hall, meeting the registrar by the marble table where the ceremony was conducted under the tree. Afterwards we did a short couple shoot together and then I left them to enjoy the rest of their day, celebrating together. Να ζήσετε!

Hair:  Dimitris Makras

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