High up on the mountain behind Parikia, there is a beautiful Greek church with the most spectacular views over the bay and Aegean Sea. Adding in an extra hint of romance, it is also the best spot on the island to see the beautiful heart shape of the bay. No wonder then that this is where Sarah & Ken wanted to get married! The stunning greenery of the mini forest next to the monastery is in contrast with their seaside reception venue, but in combining both it creates the perfect balance of what the Greek island has to offer.

As the guests and groom congregated in the shade of the trees outside the church, the bridal car made its way up the winding road to the top of the mountain. I think it is safe to say that Ken was very happy to see his beautiful bride walk down the aisle with her dad. Sarah looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress! Following the ceremony it was time for refreshments and congratulations, before the party moved over to Aspro seaside restaurant where the dance floor was filled until the early hours of the morning. An incredibly fun day to have been part of – and the photos are testament to that!

Wedding Planning & Coordination: WeddingParos.com
Preparation Venue: Margarita Studios
Ceremony Venue: Agia Anargiri, Parikia
Reception Venue: Aspro Seaside Restaurant
Hair Stylist: Dimitris Hair
Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals
Bridesmaids Dresses: In One Clothing

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