Following a civil ceremony in their home country of Norway, Hild & Are travelled to Paros to celebrate their wedding with family and friends. Apart from the Greek sunshine and blue skies, Hild also has a big love for trees. So no surprise that their symbolic ceremony took place under the beautiful tree outside the town hall, and for the reception they had a lovely romantic dinner underneath the pergola and bougainvillea at the hotel. The decorations were also very rustic, with the dull green of the olive leaves contrasting nicely against the burnt orange of the traditional Greek wine carafes and serving trays that were used as vases.

After getting ready at the hotel, the groom and guests left for the ceremony by bus. As the guests were sitting, with gorgeous views over the sea, the bride arrived and waited for her soon-to-be husband behind the big windmill. This is where he saw her for the first time, sharing a very touching moment together before walking down the aisle hand-in-hand. After the ceremony, refreshments were served in the shade of the big tree, whilst congratulations and well wishes were passed around the guests and the couple. As the guests departed for the reception, it was time to take some photos with the newlyweds. After making most of the surrounding area at the town hall, we headed over to Agios Fokas beach where we took in the awesome sunset on the cliffs next to the church. Re-joining everybody at the hotel, is was time for dinner and their planned romantic evening to get underway – relaxing, chatting and laughing with their nearest and dearest.

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Mimmika Liakou
Preparation Venue: Roses Beach Hotel
Ceremony Venue: Parikia Town Hall
Reception Venue: Roses Beach Hotel
Hair Styling: Flora Dragazi
Make-up Artist: Sofia Contanidou
DJ: Kostas
Caterer: Aliprantis Catering

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