“If Carlsberg made brides” – I don’t think there is another tagline that can sum up this incredible wedding! Kate and Nick got in touch with me through their wedding co-ordinator and from the get go I couldn’t not be excited about being a part of their day.

I traveled to Paros from a wedding in Italy arriving on the Friday afternoon, the day before the wedding, and I went straight to Agosta bar in Naousa where they were having pre-wedding drinks with all their friends. It was one of those perfect evenings in the limanaki and reminded me again why I have such an incredible love for the island. After they left for a family dinner, I headed home for some rest ahead of the big day.

Arriving at the villas in Kolimbithres where they were all getting ready, me and my assistant both received a really warm welcome from the bride and groom and their friends and family. Moving between the guys’ and girls’ villas it was apparent that this was going to be a very happy and fulfilled day. First to leave for the ceremony was Nick, followed a bit later by the bridesmaids and then Kate. The ceremony was held on Little Santa Maria beach just outside of Naousa, overlooking the Aegean and with Naxos in the background – the island where Kate and Nick went on their first holiday together. Just beautiful. As they stood on the water’s edge is was clear to see how in love these two are and how happy they make each other! After two really touching readings and the exchanging of the rings they concluded with a sand ceremony which, similarly to a unity candle, signifies the coming together of two people. From the beach everybody made their way to Angels Villas where the dinner and party happened poolside. And what a party it was until the very early hours of the morning. With Demos Beke performing and Christos and his team making sure the dance floor remained full.

All in all an excellent day and, as ever, it was an immense privilege to have been part of it. What made this Paros wedding really extra special, was the super professional team behind it all and it was nothing more than a pleasure to have worked alongside them. So I would like to end this post by giving a big shout out to Mimmika, Carolina, George, Christos, Demos and Ben.

Kate and Nick – I wish you both all the happiness in the world, and many, many happy years together!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Mimmika Liakou-Papoutsaki
Videographaphy: Wedfilms
DJ & Event Lighting: Showtime DJs
Reception Venue: Angels Villas

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