Evita and Dimitri got married at Agios Ioannis, which probably is my favourite church on the Greek island of Paros. Set at the entrance of the Paros Eco Park, the church is right on the blue Aegean water and next to the bay of Monastiri beach. Beautifully styled by wedding stylist Irini Barbari, and flowers by Paros Flowers, it truly set the scene for a summer fairytale.

Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_009 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_003

As all the guests started gathering around the church, an old traditional white fishing boat started making its way over from the port in Naousa. Finally the boat was in full site of everybody waiting in anticipation – and standing at the bow was Evita, the smiling bride dressed in a beautiful flowing wedding dress. With the apt name of the boat, “Kiss Me’, on the bow underneath her feet, Evita was excitedly waving to family and friends at the church. As she disembarked the boat on the private beach below the church, she was met by her handsome groom and the walked up the pathway, hand in hand, as loud cheers and clapping greeted them to the courtyard of the church.


As they got married in a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony, the skies around them were painted with probably the most beautiful sunset I have witnessed on Paros during the summer After the ceremony the newlyweds and their guests made their way over to Nava Lounge Restaurant on Santa Maria beach. The venue looked spectacular with the styling themes from the church flowing all the way through – complete with fire pits in the shallow water on the beach. Simple and very elegant, this would’ve been the ideal picture any bride would have in her mind for the perfect Greek island wedding!

Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_039 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_046

While the party started to get into full swing, I started packing up my things, the moon rose over Naxos across the sea – a bright orange moon. Spectacularly lighting up the night sky, I grabbed one last shot which sums up this very special and magical day. Evita and Dimitri, χρόνια πολλά με υγεία και σας εύχομαι όλα καλά! Thank you for having me as part of your day!

Wedding Styling: Irini Barbari
Flowers: Paros Flowers
Reception Venue: Nava Lounge & Restaurant
Event Management & Coordination for Nava: …by Mimmika


Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_001 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_004 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_006 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_010 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_012 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_013 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_015 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_014 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_019 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_022 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_024 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_025 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_027 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_028 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_030 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_031 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_033 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_034 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_035 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_036 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_038 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_029 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_037 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_040 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_041 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_043 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_044 Paros-Wedding-Photography-Agios-Ioannis-Nava-Lounge_045