Travelling all the way from Houston in Texas, Yutong and George celebrated their wedding on Naxos. This was actually their first ever visit to the island – they decided on their wedding location through recommendations from friends, but with natural beauty like this it is difficult to go wrong! Staying with close family and friends in a private villa near Orkos, they enjoyed the sweeping views over the Aegean. The villa was also the venue for the reception, which made it feel like a special and intimate family gathering around the dinner table. As the couple are quite integrated into the Greek community in their hometown, they had a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony at Saint Nicholas church on Agia Anna beach. One of my all time favourite churches, and I am fortunate to shoot there often. Seeing that the boardwalk approach to the church is quite long, and a bit tricky to manage with high heels, the bride opted for some more comfy footwear. I love shooting the boardwalk for the fact that you have the see on one side and trees on the other – quite different to your normal church arrival! Following the ceremony we headed into the Old Town of Naxos for some photos of the couple, and it made for some amazing photos! As we were leaving town we noticed that the sunset started turning from a mediocre one into something quite spectacular, so we decided to pick up the pace as we rushed back to Agia Anna beach with literally five minutes to spare before we lost all the nice colours in the sky. After reuniting the couple with their wedding guests, the rest of the evening proceeded quite tamely as everybody enjoyed the live Greek music, the delicious food and of course some dancing. As always – I hope you enjoy the photos!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination:
Ceremony: Saint Nicholas Church, Agia Anna
Reception: Private Villa, Orkos

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