Sometimes, less is more. Weddings are different things to different people. Some prefer to share the occasion with all their friends and family. Others prefer a more quiet, intimate affair. The latter is exactly what Lindsey and Martin did – a private ceremony with just the two of them. Living in England they had a choice to do a big wedding with everybody, or to go abroad and just celebrate it together. So they decided to come to Greece. Having gotten to know their calm and soft spoken nature, I totally understand.

I met them under the big tree by the town hall of Parikia, where they had their civil ceremony. It is a gorgeous setting with the vibrant green leaves in contrast with the blue sky, and also providing some welcomed shade from the sun. Around the beautiful outside marble table was Lindsey and Martin, the Deputy Mayor of Paros as celebrant, and wedding planner Mimmika and her assistant Vicky as witnesses. It was a short but very sweet ceremony with some lovely words read. What really struck me throughout was the love between them – visible in all the subtle touches, glances and smiles. Something really special.

Following the ceremony we ventured out for a relaxed couple shoot around Parikia, although given that is was midday it was rather hot. But these guys were amazing – very relaxed and seeming to enjoy it all as we worked our way down into the old town. Stopping along the way for photos with the sea. Once we were in the old town there was an abundance of photo opportunities as we got ourselves lost in the little alleyways. The traditional white buildings with blue doors and windows providing a very typical Greek scene, along with the blue sky.

After a little while in town we decided it was too hot and headed for the beach. We drove over to Martsello where we all kicked off our shoes and got our feet in the water and sand for a more relaxed end to our shoot. As they walked out on the pier and stopped in the shallow water I used to the opportunity to do the same.

We said our goodbyes as we left them to enjoy the rest of the day on the beach and a nice private romantic dinner at Siparos in the evening. Leaving Paros a couple of days later, they headed to Koufonisia and Naxos for the rest of their holiday – and from what I heard from them they come highly recommended. So I will make sure to put them on my places-to-visit list. It was just lovely being able to spend the few hours with the two of you, and please pop in whenever you find yourself on Paros again. For now, enjoy the photos to tell the story of your wedding in Greece.

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: …ByMimmika

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