Opting for a very private and intimate wedding without any guests, Sofia and Luis decided to come to romantic Santorini to say their vows and celebrate their nuptials. In speaking with them it does not take long to discover their immense passion for travelling, making it unsurprising that they chose to have a destination wedding. And not just the wedding – exploring their way all through the Cyclades islands, with the big climax on probably the most famous of the island group. Also with their wedding on their 10th anniversary as a couple, it adds such an incredibly personal element to their intimate celebration.

We first met during a relaxed couple shoot a couple of days before the wedding. Wandering through beautiful Imerovigli during sunset, it was great to get to know them and also create some amazing images. They are really some of my all-time favourites, and kudos to Sofia for braving the chilly autumn evening breeze.

The next time we met, was on their wedding day where they were both getting ready at Alta Vista Suites in Firostefani. Luis was keeping himself busy on the veranda whilst Sofia got ready in their room – after all, the groom is not allowed to see his bride! Once they were both ready, Luis waited next to the swimming pool for his bride – their first look moment with a spectacular view and backdrop. A short stroll from here is Dana Villas where the ceremony took place – saying their vows, and enjoying their special moment together. Following some cake and cocktails, we headed over to Oia for some couple portraits before returning to Dana Villas where the newlyweds enjoyed a lovely meal on the veranda of their room. Looking through these photos I am sure you will agree that this was the perfect romantic elopement! Thanks to my friend, assistant and second shooter, Iain, for all his help during the shoots. Enjoy!

Wedding Planning: Weddings Santorini
Preparation Venue: Alta Vista Suites
Ceremony Venue: Dana Villas
Hair Stylist: Bella Damigou
Make-up Artist: Renia Bledaki

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