Following their civil wedding back home in Singapore, Melva and Ray decided to have their wedding photos taken whilst on their dream honeymoon in Santorini. Staying at the gorgeous Absolute Bliss in Imerovigli, we used this as our base as we explored various areas across the island.

Our first stop was in Pyrgos where we braved the heat to make our way to the castle at the top. But the hike was totally worth the incredible, and unique views of Santorini that not many people explore. From here we made our back to Imerovigli to catch the famous sunset and find our little spot in the midst of the daily crowds.

After a good night sleep we reconvened very early (7am) to make our way to Oia where we spent the rest of the morning shooting, before the crowds started filling the streets and the sun got too harsh. Oia is just such a beautiful village with its marble pedestrian streets and the iconic blue domes with the Aegean in the background.

As I leave you to peruse some of my favourite photos from this shoot, I wanted to say a huge thanks to Melva and Ray for truly trusting me, and for being willing to try everything along the way. And I am sure you will all agree with me that Melva looked absolutely stunning in her gowns! Such a pleasure to have met you both, and I hope our paths cross again in the future!

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