During their visit visit to Greece, Kylie and Dennis chose to do their pre-wedding shoot on the beautiful island of Santorini. Famous for its picturesque alleyways, blue domes and caldera views, there are so many photo opportunities on offer. For the shoot we split our time in two parts in order to make use of the different lighting conditions during the morning and sunset.

To start the day we picked up the couple from their AirBnB accommodation in Imerovigli, and headed over to the traditional village of Pyrgos. Here we spent quite some time exploring the alleys – starting at the bottom of the village and slowly making our way to the castle at the top. From up there, the vistas over the island are really something special. Just as all the tour buses rolled into town, we wrapped up the shoot here and drove down to Vlychada beach. One of the famous black sand beaches on the island, I love the stark contrast the white cliffs provide against the dark sand and deep blue waters. Add to that the incredible formations in the cliffs, and you have an pretty epic location for photos. Once we finished up here we all sought relief from the heat of the sun and headed back to our hotels until the afternoon.

We made our way to Fira to kick off the evening session of the shoot, visiting some old favourite locations in town. Wearing her beautiful blue gown, and Dennis looking dapper in his suit, the pair of them were quite the “celebrity pair” – attracting attention wherever we went. I think some of my favourite shots of the day is of them on top of the big church with Fira and the deep blue Aegean in the background. From Fira we drove over to Imerovigli where we waited for the sunset. Although it was a bit hazy and muted, it still produced some amazing golden colours for our photos – quite a fitting way to conclude our day on the island. Enjoy the images!

santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0002 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0003 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0004 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0006 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0007 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0008 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0009 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0010 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0011 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0012 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0013 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0015 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0016 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0017 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0018 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0019 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0020 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0021 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0022 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0023 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0024 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0025 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0026 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0027 santorini-pre-wedding-shoot_0028