Our first visit to Skiathos was short but sweet. We flew in straight in from a wedding in Malta, and arrived the night before Hayley and Daniel’s wedding at the Skiathos Princess Hotel. Known to be the “blue-and-green” island it was easy to see where this nickname comes from. The forests keep coming down the hills until they touch the blue waters of the sea. Add to that pristine sandy beaches and you have an island paradise and the perfect scene for a romantic beach wedding!

From the very first moment that we met their family and friends, I realised that they are a very lively bunch and that we were in for a cracking day. And I was not disappointed. When we met up with Daniel to do his groom prep photos, he opted for less traditional photos. So we headed down to the beach where he was just hanging out with his family and friends. Everybody was fooling around in the water before enjoying some beers in the sun. Daniel’s grandmother then came down from the hotel to say hi – and what an epic gran she is! She made me laugh all day long, so much so that I went to bed with sore stomach muscles! Lively, witty and full of energy, I can only hope I am that sprightly one day.

Leaving them behind on the beach, we jumped in a taxi to the villa where Hayley was getting ready with her family. We were greeted by big warm smiles and friendly chatter. As we did our thing taking photos of the dress, jewellery and other details of the day, the hairdressers arrived and the sound of hairdryers filled the house. Bridesmaids (and bridesman) were all just relaxing and talking away as they each had their turn having their hair done. There was a very interesting piece of art on the wall of the room that provided quite a few conversation topics and discussions. Have a look if you can spot it in the photos.

Returning to the hotel, guests starting gathering at the outside bar before making their way to the beach where the ceremony was due to take place. There was a very touching moment when Daniel’s mum showed him the bunting she’s made with photos and memories of the couple. As they looked at all the photos, watching Dan’s face light up with a smile or a look of endearment was priceless. With everybody seated the band provided some background music as the bride and her wedding party made their way across the grounds. And then she finally made her way down the aisle with the band playing a soft, lounge version of “Hey Jude”. Daniel’s reaction as he saw his wife-to-be for the first time was one of sheer emotion. As he wiped the tears away he could not stop looking at her and greeted her with a big hug. After the ceremony and spending some time together for their couple portraits, it was time for speeches and dinner before the party kicked off.

For the night, the in-house band of the hotel provided the music, and may I just say they were freaking amazing! Great music, vocals and song choices. I just could not fault them. And judging by how busy and crazy the dance floor was, the guests clearly agreed with me. The rest of the evening was filled with crazy (sometimes questionable) dance moves, Greek dancing, cake cutting, bouquet tossing and just overall fun. But what would a late night party on a beach be without some skinny dipping in the ocean to end it all off? I will let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy 🙂

Groom Preparation Venue: Skiathos Princess Hotel
Bride Preparation Venue: Villa Four Seasons
Ceremony Venue: Beach
Reception Venue: PR Ammos Restaurant, Skiathos Princess Hotel
Music: In-house band, Skiathos Princess Hotel

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