Seven years ago, Erika and Carlo came to Paros on their first holiday together. With this special connection to the island it is no surprise that they chose it as the location for their destination wedding all these years later. At the start of summer they visited the island to finalise a few things with their planner, Georgia. Whilst they were here, I met them for breakfast as it is always nice to meet couples in person ahead of the wedding day. We chatted over coffee about their plans for the big day and also their lives back in Italy. One thing was for sure – these guys are very chilled out with a great sense of humour.

With only fourteen people – family and a few close friends – attending the celebration, they all stayed together in a private villa in Naoussa. It is also here where they were all getting ready and where we joined them for the big day. The groom upstairs and the bride downstairs, with everyone else making sure that they don’t see each other before the church ceremony. The courtyard was filled with Italian hymns as the guitarist and friends practised the songs to be sung during the ceremony. While Flora was doing her magic with Erika’s hair and make-up, we mulled around taking photos of all the details. I was particularly taken by the bride’s choice of turquoise shoes to complement her dress and pay homage to the colour of the Aegean sea. The groom was also dressed to the nines with a stylish blue Italian suit and bow-tie. The groom has his family left for the church first, and we followed soon after with the bride and her family.

A short walk from the villa, just on the edges of the little fishing port in Naoussa, is the Catholic church where the ceremony was held. As everybody was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride outside the church, there was a slight moment of panic when here mother, carrying the ring pillow, lost one of the rings! Thankfully the stress was short-lived as it did not take long to find and securing it to the ribbon again. The alley way, decorated in white and blue linen, served as the aisle where Erika walked up with her dad. And at the end stood Carlo – waiting for his bride with a massive, proud smile on his face. The ceremony itself was a traditional Catholic service held in Italian by Father George. Once all things official were concluded, the newlyweds made their exit with a heaps of bubbles as their confetti.

From the church, guests left for the reception, whilst it was our time to take some photographs of the happy couple. Taking a few shots in Naoussa itself, we headed over to Kolimbithres to use the sea and beautiful rock formations as our background. And then we chased the sunset all the way to Parikia, where the sky and water on Livadia beach was turning a golden yellow. We made it – just in time! They hosted the reception of their wedding in Aliki, at the seaside restaurant of Thalassa Mou. A quiet dinner with their guests, with a few games thrown in to everybody’s amusement – from popping balloons to identifying hands and feet whilst blindfolded. I hope the photos can retell the story of their day and that you enjoy looking through them. Make sure to go all the way through to the last photo of the traditional fishing boat – it is worth it!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Wedding Paros
Ceremony: Catholic Church, Naoussa
Reception: Thalassa Mou
Hair & Make up: Flora Perraki

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