The beautiful Poseidon of Paros resort on the east coast of the island, was the chosen venue for Nicole & George’s destination Greek wedding. With the beautiful sea views, sprawling landscape and stunning little chapel, it made for the perfect backdrop. With friends and family flying in from the States and Greece it was going to be one big party that not even the wind could put a damper on! Spending the days leading up to the wedding with their guests, there were catch ups on the beach, bachelor and bachelorette parties – all coming together for the big celebration on the day.

I think it is safe to say that Nicole looked a vision in her beautiful wedding gown from Demetrios – and the reactions from guests and the groom are testament to this. Spending time with these guys after the ceremony for their portraits was absolutely great – they are such an amazing fun and relaxed couple and it is easy to see in the photos how much they enjoy life and love each other. After dinner it was time for the formalities of speeches, cake cutting and the first dance – and then the party started. Under the windy night sky everybody let their hair down and celebrated with the couple until the very early hours of the morning. Genuinely a pleasure have met them and to share in such a special day. Enjoy the photos!

Wedding Coordination: La Fête
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Poseidon of Paros
Catering: Aliprantis
Videographer: Kyriakos Noxoutidis
DJ: Chrysanthos Kaslis
Wedding Dress: Demetrios
Groom’s Outfit: Suit Supply

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