A love for the outdoors and traveling, and a Greek family on the bride’s side, led to Hermione and Julien choosing Naxos for their wedding. But they did not go down the route of the typical Greek island destination wedding, close to the blue waters of the ocean. Instead they ran for the hills. When I first visited the church on a location scout with the lovely Debbie & Flora from islandevents.gr, I instantly fell in love with the location. A small traditional church in the middle of the mountains amidst a clearing with (apparently) the oldest olive tree on the island. And having gotten to know these Parisians better, I don’t think they could’ve gone with a better venue to suit their personalities.

First stop of the day was the hotel where Hermione and her bridesmaids had their hair and make up done. Despite the strong north wind outside, inside things were very calm and relaxed. I found the bride in the bedroom enjoying a frappe whilst having her hair done, whilst the bridesmaids were milling about the front room. As we all chatted away, I was amazed how Hermione switched between French, Greek and English with ease. And she is so passionate about the things she talks about. As we were working and chatting, time just flew and before you knew it, it was time for Hermione to get into her wedding dress! This is the point where I can tell you that she looked gorgeous in her dress, but rather have a look at the photos and see for yourself 🙂

Leaving the bride behind we headed over to Agios Isodoros where Julien and his groomsmen were greeting guests as they arrived. Again extremely relaxed as everybody enjoyed refreshing drinks whilst hiding from the sun under the shade of the olive tree. It was with great anticipation that Hermione started making her way down to the church atop of the traditional donkey. And once she entered the clearing, what struck me most, was not the cheers from friends and family, but the way Julien’s face just lit up. Magical. The ceremony was a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding, translated into French along the way. I perched myself on a rock in the cliffs where the back of the church is nestled in. What a great view I had of the couple with their friends and family in the background! Following the ceremony it was time for the bouquet toss. The first attempt ended with the bouquet landing with a plonk in the middle of the clearing. So attempt two followed – this time with more success and the bouquet actually being caught 🙂

Once all the guests started leaving for cocktail drinks at Hermione’s parents’ house, we stayed behind to do the couple portraits and make most of the incredible background and scenery around the church. Even the donkey still hung around for a few photos. Re-joining everybody at the house we enjoyed the beautiful sunset from the rooftop terrace, listened to some great live music and witnessed some traditional Greek dancing around the pool. As the twilight grew stronger, the string of cars made their way over to Potamia for the dinner and the party. Having seen the taverna on a location scout back in May, it was easy to see its beauty and the calmness provided by the fountains and streams. However, seeing it all beautifully decorated with candles and lights hanging from the trees, really took my breath away. Equally impressive was the interactive table plan where guests had to use photos of themselves to locate their seat. The wedding favours also struck me due to their personal nature: three items wrapped together – coffee from Colombia where they met, salt from Bolivia where he proposed and olive oil from Greece where they got married. All the contents actually coming from their origins. How special is that? As part of the speeches, there was a little surprise for the couple. With a few actors amongst the group of friends, they were treated to a special theatre performance – I wish I could tell you what it was about, but sadly I don’t speak French so you will have to ask the couple for more details. What I do know, is that there was also a musical performance of Mama Mia in French – with the words tweaked for the occasion. Once everybody’s tummies were full, it was time to cut the cake and kick off the party. The arrival of the cake was quite an event – how do you (safely) transport a 1.2m tall croquembouche on the small winding roads of a Greek island and have it arrive in one piece? I still don’t really know the answer to this question – but hats off to the pastry chef and his team. Probably safe to say it was the biggest wedding cake I have ever seen in real life! From the cake everybody moved over to the dance floor where the party kicked off big time and continued until the very, very early hours of the morning.

As I went to bed that night (morning), I thought about how great it was to be part of such an incredible day. And also to have met two such incredibly nice and fun people! It was really an added bonus to bump into them for lunch at Athens airport three days later – them leaving on their honeymoon to Australia, and me and Nick traveling to Melbourne for our next wedding.

There are so many great facets about this wedding that truly made it unique – the colourfulness of the guests, the rustic locations, a traditional greek wedding donkey, a very old olive tree, Greek dancing around the pool, theatrical and musical performances by friends, breathtaking views, an enormous wedding cake and the vibrant colours of the dj lights amidst the greenery of the taverna. A long but rewarding day – perfectly planned and coordinated. Let the photos show you more of what happened 🙂

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: islandevents.gr
Pre-wedding drinks: Akrogiali Studios
Preparation Venue: Finikas Hotel
Ceremony Venue: Agios Isidoros
Reception Venue: Pigi Potamia
Cake: Mathiassos Pastry Shop
Florist: Anemona
Hair: Love Hair
Make up: Irini Karouana
DJ: Giannis Mellisourgos
Wedding Dress: Cymbelline
Wedding Suit: Jean-Jacques Cérémonie

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